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Flight One

1. campio - snap crackle and dip hop rice lager

4.5% alc./vol.

Using a different hopping technique called Dip Hopping, we've packed max hop aromatics into this Lager. Notes of lemon, grass and a touch of dill balance at top a light bodied and dry beer, with distinct rice character.


2. xhale brew co - see you next tuesday aussie kolsch

4.6% alc./vol.

All day beer, thirst quenching, delicate and nuanced, wonderfully cheeky, ze Germans aren't happy about it.


3. establishment - where is my mind italian pilsner

4.5% alc./vol.

Made in collaboration with Dageraad Brewing for the 2022 Canadian Brewing Awards & Conference. This style is about subtlety, so we steer clear of the heavy-handed, juicy North American hops to get the characteristically crispy, fleetingly floral aroma we wanted. It's madly refreshing, insanely quaffable, and just bitter enough to balance the sweetness of the season.


4. blind enthusiasm - uncharted citra

5.4% alc./vol.

This assertively bitter lager is straw coloured and lightly hazy. Aromas of grapefruit pith are accentuated by the lingering bitter finish while complemented by flavours of lemon zest and orange. The crisp, dry finish of this lager is sure to quench your thirst even on the hottest day.


5. 70 acre - you need to chill pils

5% alc./vol.

Dry, light bodied, crisp and refreshing. Hopped with Saaz and Nelson Sauvin.


6. irrational - karoshi - mango sencha pseudo rice lager

5.2% alc./vol.

By frankensteining the most popular tea in Japan (sencha) and one of our favourite Japanese beer styles (rice lager) with a hint of dried mango, we had a challenge to balance these delicate flavours. Expect rich mango, earthy, and herbal notes all backed by a crisp finish.


Flight Two

1. last best lime ranger lager

4.9% alc./vol.

A Mexican Cerveza style lager brewed with corn and limes.


2. town square - chiquita cerveza mexican lager

4.3% alc./vol.

Our light & crushable Mexican style lager is built on a Pilsner malt base, with flaked corn, a touch of biscuit malt and a Town Square twist... we lightly dry hop with Motueka hops for a hint of lime character and a clean finish.


3. bent stick - hay maker wheated pils

4.8% alc./vol.

European style lager with some Alberta malted wheat to add a nice bready quality. We use Saphir hops to round out with soft melon and floral notes that pair well with a patio and good times.


4. blindman - foedered munich dunkel

5% alc./vol.

Foeder-aged Munich Dunkel-an absolute staple in Bavaria, we're going a bit darker. Rich, molasses, caramel, vanilla and oak notes finish off this balanced historic German Lager.


5. situation - i citra you not pilsner

4.8% alc./vol.

A clean and crisp pilsner, combined with the most loved hops in craft brewing! I Citra you not! The aromas of Grapefruit, Lime, and Tropical fruit will keep you coming back.


6. arcadia - fresh start kolsch

5.3% alc./vol.

Some light notes of spice, banana, melon, and grass are balanced with a round, bready character that finishes pleasantly dry with a balanced bitterness.


Flight Three

1. syc - dry hopped lager

5% alc./vol.

A crisp, pale lager generously dry hopped with Hallertau Blanc hops for notes of white wine and fresh cut grass.


2. tailgunner - the fix kolsch

4.6% alc./vol.

Drawing on our friend Brandon's German brewing experience, we collaborated with Avling Brewery in Toronto to update our beloved KoIsch-inspired recipe. Featuring 100% Bavarian ingredients and a single decoction mash, The Fix is naturally carbonated, unfined/unfiltered, and lagered for five weeks. Danke, Braumeister.


3. odd company - umarell italian pilsner

4.8% alc./vol.

Pouring bright and clear with a sturdy head of foam. Crisp malts balanced with spice and herbal hops. Perfect for watching concrete dry.


4. snake lake - kinabik pilsner

5% alc./vol.

Immensely quaffable, with a snappy noble hop character and crisp finish.


5. alley kat - scona gold kolsch

5% alc./vol.

Our Kolsch is brewed in traditional fashion, using Kolsch yeast and primarily Pilsner Malt with Sterling hops that blend to create a crisp dry beer with light fruity esters and a slight bitterness.


6. seachange - death wave light lager

4% alc./vol.

Brewed with Alberta 2 row Barley and German Pilsner malt. Classic, easy-drinking lager with a light body, low bitterness and a super clean yeast profile.



Available in 12 oz and 18 oz

eighty-eight - shiki black dark jkita lager

5% alc./vol.

Another year, another bowl of ramen. This time we're bringing it back in black! Brewing in collaboration with Shiki Menya, we created a dark rice lager that has as much depth as a bowl of Toyama. Brewed with Akita rice and Midnight Wheat, this black lager starts off smooth and ends with roasted malt notes.



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