Here at Campio, we’re passionate about beer. This passion is reflected in every recipe we dream up, brew we mash out, and pint we enjoy. With a beer program that ranges from the working man’s thirst quenching brews to a sour program that pushes the palate, Campio wants to stress that this is beer to be drunk without a notebook in hand.



7 SLEEVE 12 oz | 9.50 STANDARD 16 oz | 18 SAMPLER 6 x 4 oz | 13 32 oz HOWLER, 9 REFILL | 21 64 oz GROWLER, 17 REFILL

Core Beers

construction saison

Dry, light bodied, white wine and berries.
5.4% ALC. / VOl.

campio premium lager

The flagship. Smooth, easy drinking, clean malt from Northern AB.
5.3% ALC. / VOl.

tropical pyramid hazy ipa

Big, fruity, full bodied, tropical mango and citrus.
7.0% ALC. / VOl.

light rail pale ale

Dry, balanced bitterness, peach and citrus.
4.5% ALC. / VOl.

birrifico italian pilsner

Honouring the spirit of an Italian Pilsner, while adding a western Canadian twist. A crisp Pilsner base, late-hopped with Saphir hops provides a delightful floral aroma and flavour, with a dash of Canadian prairie wheat to round out the body! Birrifico, it’s Terrifico!
5.0% ALC. / VOl.

albertosourus tart fruit ale

Sour, balanced berry sweetness, raspberry, boysenberry, black currant.
5.9% ALC. / VOl.

risky business sour ipa

We took all the best parts of a Hazy IPA and a dry hopped sour and made what is essentially alcoholic Orange Juice. Citrus rind hop aroma with mimosa vibes in flavour. Lightly tart and full bodied with just the right amount of grapefruit bitterness rounding things out. Easy Drinking full of flavour super smooth at 6.7% this one is “Risky Business”.

6.7% ALC. / VOl.

czech amber lager

Meet our Czech Style Amber Lager, or Polotmavy Leak in Czech - meaning Half Dark Lager. Featuring a complex grain bill with strong notes of toasty bread, caramel, and a hint of chocolate with traditional Czech Saaz hops providing their distinctive floral, earthy and woody notes - a signature of the style. Bright and crisp and finishing with a gentle bitterness.

4.7% ALC. / VOl.

the darkness rises coffee stout

We’ve taken our OG oatmeal stout the “Decade of Darkness” and brought it into the new era with help from our friends at Alternate Route Coffee Co. Expect rich Chocolate and Toffee notes with an amplified coffee character from cold conditioning the beer on whole Brazilian coffee beans.

5.5% ALC. / VOl.

non the wiser - non alc pale ale

Using some Non-Alcoholic yeast magic from our friends at Escarpment Labs we’ve put together a refreshing and flavourful Pale Ale featuring notes of Grapefruit, orange zest and pine with a restrained bitterness and a subtle malt sweetness. A Classic Pale Ale in every way, minus one thing. But if we didn’t tell, you’d be non the wiser!
>.5% ALC. / VOl.


12 oz | 4.25     16oz | 6

Seasonal Beers

aarcs tail chaser easy ale

A beer as complicated to brew as catching your own tail! We could talk about mash hopping, dry hopping, and biotransformation, but all you really need to know is this one goes down as smooth as a belly rub. Brewed using only Cascade hops and a touch of hop/yeast magic, the expected piney character is swapped to unleash a strong punch of citrus that will be sure to fetch your approval. This brew is a faithful companion for any summer day – perfect for making you want to sit, stay, and drink easy all summer long. $1 from each 16 oz will be donated to Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society to support their mission to help homeless animals in our community and enact societal change, so that we may all witness a Compassionate World for All Animals.

4.7% ALC. / VOl.

yuzu + riesling sour

An effervescent and aromatic sour blending together two bold and flavourful fruits. The vibrant citrus notes of Japanese Yuzu mix with the delicate sweetness of Riesling must, creating a unique sensory experience. Bright and zesty on the palate, with hints of grape and a pleasantly tart finish.

6.2% ALC. / VOl.

citra everywhere all at once - cold ipa edition

A lagered take on a single hopped IPA using only Citra hops, fermented cold, conditioned even colder, and dry hopped late helping pack as much citrus hop character in, while keeping things bright and crisp. Expect notes of grapefruit and orange with just a touch of pine.

6.2% ALC. / VOl.

edmontosourus barrel aged tart fruit ale

A barrel aged, funkified version of our day one sour, Albertosourus. Starting out with the same base we use for our Albertosourus Tart Fruit Ale, we then rested the beer in ex red wine barrels for approximately 1 ½ years with a mix of wild yeast and bacteria. Once the right level of funk and acidity was reached, we conditioned the beer with a blend of raspberry, black currant and blackberry purees. More complex and assertively sour than it’s quick-sour counterpart, but with all the same jammy, berry forward character you expect from the OG.

6.7% ALC. / VOl.

ooh la la bamba french blanche

Our Campio take on a classic French style wheat beer, subbing the usual orange zest and coriander for grapefruit and pink peppercorns. Featuring all the usual flavour notes from a European wheat, with a refreshing little twist. Expect wheat to the do the heavy lifting here along with clove and banana aromas balanced with a subtle tart and refreshing citrus sweetness and a delicate floral pepper note.

4.8% ALC. / VOl.

once in oaxaca prickly pear horchata sour

Taking inspiration from a fluorescent pink street drink in Oaxaca, Mexico known as Horchata con Tuna (the Spanish word for prickly pear…not the fish) we’ve created a complex, tart and delicately spiced sour ale perfect for summer in the sun! Featuring a big fruity and acidic punch of prickly pear, balanced with a touch of mexican cinnamon and vanilla.

6.1% ALC. / VOL.

campio premium lager light

A premium light beer for the city of Campions. Bright clean and crisp with a light malty flavour and a subtle grassy and grape like hop aroma. Easy drinking, with just enough punch to keep you coming back.

3.5% ALC. / VOL.

pink boots tart spritzer ale w/ lemongrass and ginger

Our annual brew in support of the Pink Boots Society and in celebration of women and non-binary individuals in the craft beer industry. This year’s edition is a light and thirst-quenching tart ale conditioned with fresh ginger and lemongrass. Easy drinking and effervescent with a subtle acidity. Expect notes of ginger spice upfront and a smooth citrus finish thanks to the lemongrass. $1 from each pint will be donated to the Pink Boots Society and their mission to assist, inspire, and encourage the professional development and education of women and non-binary individuals in our industry.

3.3% ALC. / VOl.

lil sebastian miniature ipa

Taking inspiration from everyone’s favourite miniature horse, we’ve crafted an IPA small in stature but big in flavour. Featuring a rotating series of hops from batch to batch, currently showcasing Simcoe and Talus bringing notes of pink grapefruit, berries and apricot with a long piney finish.
3.1% ALC. / VOl.


hibiscus shandy

Birrifico Italian Pilsner, lemon, hibiscus syrup 12.5 | 16oz


Albertosourus Tart Fruit Ale, Flor de Cana Rum, lime, demerara 14.5 | 13.5oz


last best gin-arita

Premium canned cocktail 8.75 | 355 ml

last best tom collins

Premium canned cocktail 8.75 | 355 ml

ole tequila cocktail

Ask your server for available flavours 9.75 | 355 ml

uncommon cider

Haskap Berry | Rotating Flavour - ask your server 9.75 | 473 ml

Wild Ales Series

From the small batch brewing process, to handling and caring for the barrels, to sourcing the fruit from local farmers (some of it literally by hand), to each hand-labelled bottle; this is really a labour of love and the team at Campio is very proud of this project. It showcases what we do best and what we love about this craft. Read more about the Wild Ales Series here.


wild ipa

Featuring a big ol’ Citra and Nelson Sauvin dry hop, the hop forward Wild IPA as complexity and funk with added notes of citrus, grass, white wine and a unique floral character.

7.9% ALC. / VOl.

14.50 | 500ml bottle


peach & nectarine sour

This full bodied, distinctively sour and funky beer with stone fruit sweetness will have you thinking you're drinking a bottle of funky fuzzy peaches. We started with a A 50/50 blend of two Foeders from the barrels in the Campio Cellar, half Sour Red Ale and half Brettanomyces Blonde. These were then pushed into fruiting tanks on top of a huge pile of peaches and nectarines from our friends at Steve and Dan’s Fresh B.C. Fruit until the Wild Ales magic was complete.

5.3% ALC. / VOl.

14.50 | 500ml bottle


haskap dark sour

Our Haskap Dark Sour Wild Ales we're brewed with 80kg of hand-harvested Haskap berries from local producer Rosy Farms. A jammy and funk-forward treat starring Haskap berries and notes of black raspberry.
8.1% ALC. / VOl.
14.50 | 500ml bottle


tart brett saison

Starting with a base saison brewed with a mix of grains, including barley, wheat and rye, this beer was then blended with a splash of sour ale and rested in Foeder #3, where a mix of wild yeast and souring bacteria were added and given time to do their thing. The result? A funky, fruity and lightly tart saison, and an example of things to come from the Campio cellar.
9.7% ALC. / VOl.
14.50 | 500ml bottle



campio feature cocktail

Ask your server for details

honey bourbon sour

Basil Hayden Bourbon, Cynar, lemon juice, honey, egg white 16.5 | 2oz

cartel colada

Coconut Cartel Rum, pineapple, lime, coconut milk, demerara 16.5 | 2oz

elderflower collins

Last Best Fortunella Gin, St. Germaine, lemon, honey, grapefruit, soda 16.5 | 2oz

iced edmonton fog

Baileys, Cointreau, Amaretto, walnut bitters, iced earl grey tea 14.5 | 2oz

smoke and honey

Aleron Mezcal, lemon, honey, ginger beer 16 | 2oz

kombucha sangria

Flor de Cana Rum, St. Germaine, peach schnapps, mango, coconut milk, Santa Julio Pinot Grigio, kombucha 16.5 | 6oz

Keg Cocktails

keg espresso martini

Park Espresso Vodka, Kahlua, Burwood Honey liqueur, cold brew 16.5 | 2oz

from dusk til dawn

Nodo Tequila, Aperol, Alvear Vermouth, lime, demerara 14 | 2oz

shaft on draft

mountain joe, milk 9 | 4oz


watermelon rose lemonade

Watermelon rose shrub, mint, lemonade, soda 6

kombucha spritzer

Grapefruit juice, demerara, lime juice, kombucha 6



road 13 honest john's crisp white

BC, Canada 12 6oz | 16 9oz | 49 BTL

mud house marlborough sauvignon blanc

New Zealand 12 6oz | 16 9oz | 48 BTL

monte creek chardonnay

BC, Canada 12.5 6oz | 17.5 9oz | 49 BTL

santa julia pinot grigio

Argentina 11 6oz | 15 9oz | 44 BTL


ballard lane pinot noir

California  12 6oz | 17 9oz | 48 BTL

educated guess cabernet sauvignon

California 15.5 6oz | 21.5 9oz | 62 BTL

santa julia malbec

Mendoza, Argentina 11 6oz | 15 9oz | 44 BTL

road 13 honest john's red

Okanagan Valley, BC 14.5 6oz | 19 9oz | 58 BTL


road 13 honest john's rose 2020

Okanagan Valley, BC 12 6oz | 16 9oz | 49  BTL


paladin prosecco doc

Italy 12.5 6 oz | 50 750ml BTL

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

partake non-alcoholic beer

6 | 355ml

alternate route first tracks coffee


grizzly paw sodas

Ginger Beer | Cream Soda | Root Beer

3.50 | 355ml

Back Bar

We offer a curated backbar of ever rotating spirits to share with our fellow exploring drinker. We bring in a bottle at a time, so if you see something you fancy, try it before it’s gone.

westland american oak

American Craft Single Malt
46% ALC. / VOL. | 1oz


shelter point double barrel

Canadian Malt Whisky
50% ALC. / VOL. | 1oz


highland park magnus

Single Malt Orkney Scotch
40% ALC. / VOL. | 1oz


ice cold jack daniels

40% ALC. / VOL. | 1oz

old grand dad

American Bonded Bourbon
50% ALC. / VOL. | 1oz



American Craft Single Malt
47% ALC. / VOL. | 1oz


high west double rye

American Rye Whiskey
46% ALC. / VOL. | 1oz


green chartreuse

55% ALC. / VOL. | 1oz

lohin mckinnon black sage vqu

Canadian Wine Finished Single Malt
43% ALC. / VOL. | 1oz


ardbeg ten

Single Malt Islay Peated Scotch
46% ALC. / VOL. | 1oz


fernet branca

39% ALC. / VOL. | 1oz

china china

40% ALC. / VOL. | 1oz


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