Campio Premium Lager

5.3% alc./vol.
A premium beer for the City of Champions. Edmonton's #1 draught pick


12   2 oz cocktail | 12      1.5 oz gin flight

Featuring Last Best Gin Series: 2020.01, an evolving series of gins that are batch-distilled in house at our Calgary sister brewpub and distillery, Last Best.


Fresh & lively

spa water

a simple and refreshing jazzed up gin soda using complimentary botanicals
12 | 2 oz


a fun gin play on a classic tequila cocktail that is light and refreshing
12 | 2 oz

Savage Love

Punchy & floral

earl grey martini

a floral twist on a gin sour using our punchy Savage Love to bring more of a botanical kick to compliment the tea
12 | 2 oz


a throwback to one of the original Last Best cocktails using Savage Love
12 | 2 oz


Classic & juicy


Fortunella’s take on the classic negroni created by Last Best’s own Ray Burton
12 | 2 oz

gin cosmo

a riff on the modern classic using Fortunella gin instead of vodka, and limoncello instead of cointreau
12 | 2 oz


Here at Campio, we’re passionate about beer. This passion is reflected in every recipe we dream up, brew we mash out, and pint we enjoy. With a beer program that ranges from the working man’s thirst quenching brews to a sour program that pushes the palate, Campio wants to stress that this is beer to be drunk without a notebook in hand.

5.25 SLEEVE 12 oz | 7.75  STANDARD 18 oz | 16 SAMPLER 6 x 4 oz

Yeast Forward

construction saison

Dry, light bodied, white wine and berries.
5.4% ALC. / VOl. 

abbey ale

Medium bodied, malty sweetness, dried and dark fruits.
6.9% ALC. / VOl. 

wild wheat ale

A wheat ale with a twist! Brewed with plenty of Canadian wheat and fermented with two wild yeasts, this ale is bright, fresh and effervescent with delightful notes of pineapple and guava.
4.0% ALC. / VOl. 

elevator love letter

This is a traditional German-style hefeweizen with a characteristic golden hue, yeast-driven haze, and big fluffy white head provided by huge helpings of Canadian wheat. This ale has prominent clove and spice notes with a background hint of banana. The finish is medium-dry, perfect for crushing in the Alberta spring!
4.9% ALC. / VOl. 

Malt Forward

campio premium lager

The flagship. Smooth, easy drinking, clean malt from Northern AB.
5.3% ALC. / VOl. 

smash mosaic lager

This lager was brewed with a single malt and a single hop variety (SMASH stands for Single Malt & Single Hop)! Canadian Pilsner Malt gives a clean backdrop for the light Mosaic dry hop to shine. Overall, this beer is dry, crushable and clean, with balanced notes of lemon.
4.5% ALC. / VOl. 

decade of darkness
oatmeal stout

Bold, full bodied, roasty, coffee and chocolate.
5.5% ALC. / VOl. 

Hop Forward

tropical pyramid
hazy ipa

Big, fruity, full bodied, tropical mango and citrus.
7.0% ALC. / VOl.

light rail
pale ale

Dry, balanced bitterness, peach and citrus.
4.5% ALC. / VOl. 

obrewsky’s pilsner

Crisp, crushable, dry, subtle spice and citrus.
5.0% ALC. / VOl. 

Fruit Forward

albertosourus tart fruit ale

Sour, balanced berry sweetness, raspberry, boysenberry, black currant.
5.9% ALC. / VOL. 

take a risk dry hopped sour

It’s the most Edmonton beer you can drink. Tart, mouthwatering, lime, passion fruit, and stonefruit.
6% ALC. / VOL. 

Rotational & Guest Taps

Ask your server for our seasonal and rotational offerings as well as beers from our friends!


Growler + Fill 64 oz | 19
Growler Refill 64 oz | 13
Albeerta 6 Pack  6 x 12 oz | 15


A true Campion knows what moves to make. To help with your experience we offer cocktails that are approachable yet elevated to the typical pub menu. Enjoy a well crafted cocktail using products we are excited about — whether from our sibling brewpub Last Best, a fellow Alberta distiller, or a great supporter of our program. It’s your night to win.

House Specialties

big trouble in china china

bold, spiced and impeccable | 13 | 2oz
Alberta Premium Rye, Bigallet China China, lemon juice, botanical cola syrup, soda

getting ginny with it

bright and beautiful | 13 | 2oz
Last Best Afterglow Gin, peach liqueur, lime juice, honey basil syrup, soda

pink britney

vibrant and refreshing | 13 | 1.50z spirit  | 3oz wine
Last Best Yum Town citrus vodka, Aperol, lemon juice, hibiscus syrup, soarkling rosé

northwest sour

rich and robust | 13 | 1.75oz
Old Grand Dad, lemon juice, simple syrup, egg white, mulled wine float

butterfly espresso martini

low alc. and buzzin | 13 | 2oz
Burwood Medica, Kahlúa, cold brew

bourbon & beer

13 | 1.5oz
Wild Turkey 101, lime juice, Troubled Monk craft root beer

Cocktails on Tap

campio old fashioned

13 | 2oz
house whisky blend, simple syrup, Fredy’s Aromatic Bitters

heavyweight boulevardier

13 | 2oz
Old Forester, sweet vermouth, Campari, Cynar, cold brew ice cube

Beer Cocktails

dino-sour daiquiri

1.5 oz spirit / 4 oz beer | 13
Last Best Gold Rum, lime juice, simple syrup, Albertasourus Fruit Ale

sidecar season

13 | 2oz spirit | 4oz beer
Hennessey VS, Cointreau, lemon juice, simple syrup, Fredy’s Lavender Amaro Bitters, Construction Saison


corte giara pinot grigio

6 oz 10 | 9 oz 15 | bottle 40

summerhill riesling

6 oz 11 | 9 oz 16 | bottle 44

rapaura sauvignon blanc

New Zealand
6 oz 11.50 | 9 oz 16.50 | bottle 46

corkbeard chardonnay blend

6 oz 9 | 9 oz 13.50 | bottle 36

romain duvernay cotes du rhones white

6 oz 11 | 9 oz 16 | bottle 44

spirit hills honey winery ‘dande’

6 oz 11 | 9 oz 16


brave step pinot noir

6 oz 9 | 9 oz 13.50 | bottle 36

j. lohr cypress cabernet

6 oz 12 | 9 oz 15.25 | bottle 48

argento malbec

6 oz 10 | 9 oz 13.75 | bottle 40

township 7 merlot

6 oz 14 | 9 oz 21 | bottle 56

badiola igt toscana

6 oz 11 | 9 oz 16 | bottle 44


brave step rose

6 oz 9 | 9 oz 13.50 | bottle 36


carpene malvolti prosecco extra dry

6 oz 11 | 9 oz 16.50 | bottle 44

lini 910 lambrusco

bottle 44

cipes brut

bottle 60


We offer a curated backbar of ever rotating spirits to share with our fellow exploring drinker. We bring in a bottle at a time, so if you see something you fancy, try it before it’s gone.

westland american oak

American Craft Single Malt
46% ALC. / VOl. | 1oz


American Craft Single Malt
47% ALC. / VOl. | 1oz

lohin mckinnon black sage vqu

Canadian Wine Finished Single Malt
43% ALC. / VOl. | 1oz

shelter point double barrel

Canadian Malt Whisky
50% ALC. / VOl. | 1oz

high west double rye

American Rye Whiskey
46% ALC. / VOl. | 1oz

w.l. weller 12 yr

American Wheated Straight Burbon
45% ALC. / VOl. | 1oz

highland park magnus

Single Malt Orkney Scotch
40% ALC. / VOl. | 1oz

redbreast 15 yr

Irish Pot Still Whiskey
46% ALC. / VOl. | 1oz

eau claire ploughman’s rye whisky

American Craft Single Malt
46% ALC. / VOl. | 1oz

old grand dad

American Bonded Burbon
50% ALC. / VOl. | 1oz

nikka coffey grain

Japanese Column Whisky
46% ALC. / VOl. | 1oz

ardbeg ten

Single Malt Islay Peated Scotch
46% ALC. / VOl. | 1oz


boocha lavender kombucha

12oz | 6

village local – non-alcoholic

473ml | 6

troubled monk root beer

355ml | 4

double dutch tonics

200ml | 4
Ginger Beer | Indian | Cucumber Watermelon

rocket fuel dark roast



campio popcorn

rotating flavours

fried pepperoni

honey mustard

pickle chips

secret sauce


Greetings and celebration are commonplace amongst good pub culture. Whether starting the night or winding down the celebration, get into it with one of the industries most familiar ‘hellos’.

medicine ball

Whiskey and Pei Pa Koa
40% ALC. / VOl. | 1oz

ice cold jack daniels

40% ALC. / VOl. | 1oz

green chartreuse

55% ALC. / VOl. | 1oz

fernet branca

39% ALC. / VOl. | 1oz

china china

40% ALC. / VOl. | 1oz

The Bearhill Family