1. pick your flight(s)

2. enjoy some delicious sours

3. hit the button below to vote for your favourite

4. winner will be announced at 10pm

1. pick your flight(s)

2. enjoy some delicious sours

3. hit the button below to vote for your favourite

4. winner will be announced at 10pm

Flight One

1. blind enthusiasm - the mimic

3.3% alc./vol.

The Mimic is fermented with a special blend of Saccharomyces, Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, and Pediococcus. This unique blend of organisms gives bright citrus and tropical fruit flavours and aromas, balanced by a round texture and medium acidity.


2. blindman - cherries & raspberries sour

4.5% alc./vol.

Delicious, expansive, complex and well, just beautiful in your glass or on your tongue. We've taken both tart and sweet cherries and melded them with raspberries to create something that we really hope you'll find refreshing and juicy.


3. odd company - passionfruit coconut sour

5.6% alc./vol.

Aromas of smashed tropical fruit on the nose, rounded by soft, fragrant coconut. The body is light, creamy in texture, abundantly soured, and finishes with soft minerality, pineapple, and passionfruit.


4. folding mountain - alpine cranberry sour

4.5% alc./vol.

This kettle soured beer has been infused with Canadian cranberries to give you the perfect level of tartness.


5. arcadia - love, ire and sour dry-hopped sour nepa

4.5% alc./vol.

This dry-hopped sour NEPA brings big aroma notes of fresh punchy guava and is bursting at the seams with citrus and pineapple flavours. Sensibly acidic for the sour fans and pleasantly juicy for the rookies.


6. banff ave - wild warden raspberry rhubarb kettle sour

5.2% alc./vol.

This tart and refreshing kettle sour is brewed with heaps of wheat malt (nearly 60%), raspberries and rhubarb for the ultimate fruity finish. This brew conjures sweet memories of your G-Ma's best pie!


Flight Two

1. campio - sauced nitro cranberry sour

5.6% alc./vol.

A sour ale loosely based off a cranberry sauce recipe, featuring tart and tannic cranberry character along with a selection of seasonally appropriate spices creating flavours of your favourite holiday side dish...and also desserts.


2. establishment - kaleidoscope eyes catharina sour

7.8% alc./vol.

The distinct taste of fruits from opposite sides of the globe kaleid beautifully in the form of this Imperial Catharina Sour. Apricot, meet passionfruit. Passionfruit, meet apricot. Kaleidoscope Eyes, meet everyone. Talk about a powerful fruit punch. Emphasis on the powerful. Emphasis also on the punch - she'll send you sky-high


3. alley kat - razzykat raspberry sour

7.8% alc./vol.

Natural raspberry puree gives our refreshing wheat beer the perfect sweet and sour raspberry flavour, aroma, and bright pink hue! The original recipe for RazzyKat is older than Alley Kat itself


4. troubled monk - velour pantsuit key lime gose

4.1% alc./vol.

Couldn't help but notice you looking at our Velour Pantsuit. From the wood panelling on the wall to the shag carpet in the living room, the bell-bottom line is - some people just have an eye for style. Introducing our Key Lime Gose, Velour Pantsuit. A beer you could crush like velvet. It's all class in this glass.


5. seachange - pink anchor strawberry coconut sour

5.0% alc./vol.

A fruited sour with lactose, bold strawberry, light coconut with a slightly sweet finish.


6. grain bin - lush blush fruited pastry sour

4.8% alc./vol.

Lush Blush is a lactose sour with just the right amount of sweetness and tartness to play well with the explosion of fruit. Silky smooth with a lingering tang, mango and pineapple play a supporting role to the red currant.


Flight Three

1. 70 acre - raspberry sour

5.3% alc./vol.

Naturally, bold, red raspberry that strikes an approachable balance between sweet, tart and refreshing. Just like Grandma's homemade jam!


2. syc - golden hour apricot sour

5.8% alc./vol.

A thirst-quenching kettle sour featuring ample amounts of apricot - you'll find this one pleasantly tart with intense notes of stone fruit and hints of lime zest.


3. snake lake - paradise pina colada gose

6.0% alc./vol.

Loaded with pineapple and coconut, this fruited gose offers a lightly tart, tropical, thirst quenching taste of summer.


4. town square - beets

5.9% alc./vol.

This sour was created using chopped beets in the kettle, and then again during fermentation. Hitting all the flavour notes, Beets is tart, earthy, fruity and loaded with citrus - all wrapped up in a pretty pink package!


5. irrational - ebb & flow dry hopped sour

5.0% alc./vol.

Ebb & Flow showcases how hops and sours can live in harmony. This creation will challenge your mind as to how we extracted so much juicy fruit flavour without the use of any fruit additions! Don't expect any subtly here with robust notes of passion fruit, nectarine, and a dash of mouth-puckering goodness.


6. trial & ale - pitahaya

6.4% alc./vol.

We added so much Dragonfruit to this blend that we needed two tanks to fruit it. A wine-like profile, with almost no tannin extraction left us very pleased. A flirtatious Brettanomyces linger brings the taste home. This blend benefits from a serving temp slightly lower than cellar temps.



Available in 12 oz and 18 oz

eighty-eight - sketch book imperial dry hopped sour

6.8% alc./vol.

Citrus fruit, sour, slightly sweet, tropical fruits and berries with a light-medium body and carbonation.



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