1. pick your flight(s)

2. enjoy some delicious sours

3. hit the button below to vote for your favourite

4. winner will be announced at 10pm

1. pick your flight(s)

2. enjoy some delicious sours

3. hit the button below to vote for your favourite

4. winner will be announced at 10pm

Flight One

1. blind enthusiasm - ferry of the damned

4.3% alc./vol.

Quick turn mixed fermentation beer, re-fermented on Riesling Grape Pomace with the addition of a special blend of microorganisms. Subtle wine character with additional texture and complexity. A unique beer with bright citrus and wine flavours, subtle nutty aromatics, and medium light acidity.


2. blindman - dry hopped kettle sour

4.5% alc./vol.

A tart, dry wheat beer with all the hop goodness and no bitterness - juicy and refreshing.


3. campio - tart brett saison*

9.7% alc./vol.

A saison brewed with a mix of grains, including barley, wheat and rye then blended with a splash of sour ale and rested in Foeder #3. A mix of wild yeast and souring
bacteria were added resulting in a funky, fruity and lightly tart Saison - an example of the delicious things to come from the Campio cellar

*12 oz or flight only


4. dandy - super 8 imperial berry sour*

8% alc./vol.

To celebrate our 8 year anniversary we've made a unique beer featuring more fruit than we've ever used before with light acidity accompanying a heavier bodied/sweeter sour that packs its punch with vibrant raspberry and blackberry notes, mellowed with blueberry and light spiciness from the currants.

*12 oz or flight only


5. arcadia - love ire & mango sour

4.5% alc./vol.

We took our dry hopped sour, which is already packed full of tropical flavours from a pretty hefty dry hop addition of Azacca and Moteuka, and fermented it on some mango puree. Prominent flavour notes include mango, tropical fruits, and citrus on a lightly-sweet almost brown sugary backbone of Munich and crystal malts.


6. snake lake - birchcliff berliner weisse

4.5% alc./vol.

This wheat ale is fermented with our expressive house ale yeast, lightly tart and dry hopped with Amarillo and bru-1, which give the beer aromas of citrus, stone fruit, tropical fruit, and some melon. This beer is refreshing - think of it as a means to an end of your thirst.


Flight Two

1. banff ave - wild warden kettle sour

5.2% alc./vol.

This tart and refreshing kettle sour is brewed with heaps of wheat malt raspberries and rhubarb for the ultimate fruity finish. Conjures sweet memories of your G-Ma's best pie


2. odd company - rosso sour*

10% alc./vol.

Medium-bodied, rosy-hued, and alight with rich flavours of red wine, citrus peel, and farmhouse funk. This complex mixed-fermentation was matured on Rosso grape skins over a 10-month period, resulting in an effervescent menage that is as rich and inviting on the nose as its namesake.

*12 oz or flight only

3. alley kat - razzykat raspberry sour

5% alc./vol.

This refreshing sour combines a wheat base with natural raspberry flavour to create a beer that is bold in berry flavour, with a light tartness, and an eye-catching pink hue! Fun Fact: The original recipe for RazzyKat is older than Alley Kat itself.


4. eighty eight - hall pass

7.5% alc./vol.

This imperial sour came out just as cheeky as those afternoon skip days, with a cheek warming ABV and tropical notes from the Belma hops.


5. irrational - elliptic 2022 imperial passionfruit tangerine apricot sour*

8.5% alc./vol.

At Irrational, we have really dialled in our new hybrid process for fruited sours and this one shows off the hard work. Through multiple stages of inoculation, fermentation, and conditioning the depth goes beyond what most expect from this style. The puree combination of passion fruit, tangerine, and apricot meshes well with a colossal dry hop of one of our favourites HBC-586. To sum it all up, imagine a glass of tropical fruit punch without the artificial flavourings.

*12 oz or flight only

6. town square - strawberry rhubarb pie sour

4.2% alc./vol.

A delicious tart ale brewed with graham crackers, strawberry puree, baked rhubarb, cinnamon, and Madagascar vanilla. Just like the pie Mom used to bake.


Flight Three

1. syc - spritzzy tart spritzer

3.5% alc./vol.

Inspired by the wine spritzer, this light sour ale features orange, lime, and pinot grigio grape.


2. establishment - in the sky with diamonds*

8.5% alc./vol.

This grand, canned culmination of the LSD series is the aptly titled In The Sky With Diamonds. This beer was born in the deeply saturated overlapping portion of the Venn diagram depicting Tangerine Trees, Marmalade Skies, Cellophane Flowers, and Kaleidoscope Eyes. We took passionfruit, apricot, orange zest, and dry hopped the whole equation to high heaven. It's as fruity as you'd expect, tart as you like, and far more powerful than your palate would have you believe.

*12 oz or flight only

3. analog - gingering mouther

4.0% alc./vol.

Ginger beers? Good! Sour beers? Good! Beers with lime? Good? How about a ginger sour ale infused with freshly zested and juiced limes? Maybe order the second one as soon as the first arrives.


4. situation - wtf blood orange gose

5.0% alc./vol.

The Blood Orange is also know as the Raspberry Orange in the Mediterranean. Big, bright citrus and berry flavour and aroma. A touch of salt to make it refreshing.


5. trial & ale - writers blanc

6.0% alc./vol.

A mixed fermentation dry hopped sour featuring a hefty dose of Hallertau Blanc hops and a melange of several different house primary strains, several select Brettanomyces strains, Lactobacillus Plantarum, Lactobacillus Brevis, and additional house cultures.


6. 70 acre - tropical sour

5.3% alc./vol.

Bursting with bright, equatorial character and brilliant pineapple aromatics. Achieved without the use of fruit and/or flavourings.



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